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JoeC wrote:Was he Solo?

Ooh another 300 page thread coming up!

Does he deserve an award and recognition for his achievements :clown:

I think that all the speculation is insensitive. No one should say anything until the FAA reports on the FACTS. Think of the pilot of the plane on the taxiway! He, or she, may be suffering from PTSD. Even worse as a pilot they may read this forum. Or the press may read it and report it. Then they might suffer even more stress! They will be out of work for longer, get behind with the mortgage and lose their home. All due to ill informed speculation from those who should know better.

:idea: :D :D :D :D :D :idea:
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Bob Upanddown wrote:How many of us have nearly landed at the wrong place?? :scratch: :oops:

And how many actually have landed at the wrong place?

I am one who has landed in the wrong place. The engine stopped and I landed in a field. Is this what you meant? :D
I've done it :roll:

My first time landing at a grass airfield that I had never visited before. I was being guided in by a pilot who allegedly knew the strip and had landed there "many times".

On final, and into a setting sun, I remarked that I couldn't distinguish the runway from the surrounding "green stuff". No problem says my guide - land to the left of that marker board. It was only as the wheels disappeared into the crop that we realised we were 15 ft to the left of the runway. Stuck in a little right boot and got us back onto the mown area.

Luckily the soil was rock hard and the only damage was a little paint scuffing on the spats.

I did momentarily consider applying power and going around, but thought that there was a risk of more damage if we had gotten stuck in the crops at full power.
Moral : never believe the guy who says "it'll be alright".
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