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GrahamB wrote:
grahamgrg wrote:Like others I could not get the form to work on a Mac.

If you read the bleedin' instructions it tells you exactly what to do if you are a Mac/iPad user. :wink:

What, break the habit of a lifetime and RTFM? :wink:

(Which I did, and it still won't play ball for response from helpdesk as yet ).
Does anyone know how to find your radio licence customer number? i've got our radio licence in front of me but i'm stumped. I've got a licence number and licensee name / address but no customer number. I'll try the caa tomorrow but maybe someone knows whats needed tonight!
Well credit where credit is due, I called the CAA radio licence telephone number expecting all manner of hurdles and placing on hold but instead the phone was answered in about 2 rings and I received the information I needed with a total call length of 1 min 12 seconds! Now I just have to get the form to work!
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