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Thanks for the heads-up Mick. The form looks like something spun off from the NPPL Medical Self Dec (Rev. 1) and about as easy to send (with Windows XP technology).

Claim duly sent, e-mail duly received, reply to e-mail with attached info duly sent. Now waiting with baited breath for the pennies to arrive in the account.....
I never got a receipt, only an invoice which I paid. My supplier has since changed his software and never did issue receipts (as indeed is the practice of most other suppliers I deal with). Have asked CAA 833 helpdesk email if an invoice plus copy of my bank account showing teh invoiced amount going to the supplier is OK, I'll post their reply here IDC. Perhaps I'll have to get him to send me an other copy of the invoice just with "paid in full" plus his signature scrawled on it!
... and now having completed the form (several times) I cannot get it to send, not from my Win 10 PC, not from my XP, not on Chrome (and on IE it won't even fill in properly), and not from saved versions opened in Acrobat. I suppose their system has just got jammed up by all the rest of you trying to get in ....