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zlhglp wrote:Mike Busch's Manifesto on aircraft maintenance gives the example of a British statistician (Waddington) who studied the problem and instigated the change. Probably applied to US aircraft also.

A very interesting book, that.

I think @zlhglp has correctly identified the story you heard, @Paul_Sengupta. The Chapter on Waddington's work is available on the relevant Amazon UK page, via the "Look Inside" function. Here's a link - click on the book cover image, and go to Chapter 1.
If you can afford them always go with bendix over slicks. Have rebuilt hundreds and even with a bendix in poor condition they very rarely fail to spark on test. Slicks on the other hand I've tested new and they have struggled to meat there own requirements. Also the slicks require everything bar the rotor shaft and housing to be replaced on overhaul whereas the bendix can have the coil and capacitor reused. This doesn't apply to the d3000 dual mags which have the capacitors renewed at overhaul too.