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By Ridders
Highland Park wrote:For those of you who've had an 8.33 radio fitted only, not part of any other refit and not a permit aircraft, out of curiosity how much has the installation cost?
Second hand re-con nav/com/gps = £3800 +vampire. I wanted a certified GPS to replace the one I did have installed. I also had Mode S and Intercom fitted, a load of old stuff ripped out plus new panel work and a new garmin G1106 indicator. Labour costs are pretty variable, obviously thats the bit you can not estimate that well, but usually the avionics shops will estimate time for wiring looms, fitting the parts in, cables, plugs, screws, etc. 10hrs upwards I guess, the quotes I got the labour rates were about 45+ per hr so 500 +vamp, or more for labour.
In my view whats important is to go to someone with personal recommendation and perhaps who's work you have seen.
Get a few quotes.
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By muffin
I have just been quoted £960 labour to remove the existing Bendix King Nav com and replace it with a TY96 com only. I would be quite happy to do it myself but as its a certified aircraft I can't.
By cockney steve
Someone who's snowed-out anyway, may well be happy to take a £ 50 token of appreciation for 20 minutes assumes the removal is, inspection of visible wiring, re-inspect new connections test after mounting in panel.

even a £150 bung would be a good deal for both parties.
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By trapdoor
Think the labour and certification element on the new GTR225A to directly replace the 'Clockwork Narco' is around £1200 + VAT which includes the sundries but not a new antenna if needed.

That will give me the 8.33 as box 2 with the old 25kHz Garmin GPS/Com staying as box 1 - if I had opted to have the boxes 'swapped' around to make the new 8.33 radio box 1 it would have added between £300 and £500! Seems a lot of dosh just for a 'renumbering' exercise.