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By AdamFrisch
$200K could be the number. I'm hoping it will be a little less. .. :thumright:

Rough numbers going forward:

1. Panel $50K.
2. Interior I just got quoted $12K for, which is a pretty decent price.
3. Paint just needs a little buff and seal. $2K should do the job.
4. Pressurization leak fixing I know from previously is rarely as bad as one thinks. Takes a bit of time and manpower, but rarely has big item bills attached to it. $5-10K?
5. Winglets are $7K for the kit. With installation maybe $9K?
6. Hot section on one side coming up in about 130 cycles ( a new concept). That's about 2 years of flying for me. It's quoted at $60K, but could sneak up a little if other rotables look bad. Let's say $70K.
7. Phase inspections (annuals) should be in the $10-15K region per 100hr.

There we have it. Warts and all. A*se hanging out. :D
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By skydriller
reimomo wrote:Well it's Adam's cash.
It's the 59 gallons of fossil fuel an hour that makes me sad.

Not Me... 8)

(Fuel is too cheap right now anyway, keep on burnin' man, every little helps!)
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By AdamFrisch

What a mess. :wink:

Avionics were quoted at $45K, but we're already passed that now... Never get all of that back, but it'll be a neat panel, I think. But peeking in during the process gives you the shivers. All those cables everywhere and that old nasty glue residue and insulation... The blue panel is the final test mount of all instruments before it goes to CNC and gets printed. It'll have two panel mounted iPads - one on co-pilots side and one down in pedestal where pressurization controller is now. Overkill some think, but it's nice to be able to have a SV and VFR split on one (ForeFlight), and run IFR on the other. But more importantly, no more shaky, horrible suction cup mounts and overheating iPad's with junky power cables dangling. All built in.

Made sense to do interior when everything was out already. I found a guy who quoted $12K, but he was 2hrs flight away in middle of nowhere. Then my instructor recommended a guy at Corona airfield. He came and gave a quote of $14K for same job. Extra $2K worth it to be closer to the process. But in the end I added some flourishes, some fancier material and it will probably end up being $18K for the interior. All things considered, this is actually not that much. I had one company quote me $45k without batting an eyelid... :shock:



All that nasty stuff.

Cable bundles everywhere. I'd have a nervous breakdown if I did their job!

Waiting for new radar. Yep, I got suckered in.
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By Bobcro
Thanks for update, always interesting to read that nothing has changed when you are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Do check all of your windows whilst the trim is out as they are easier to change now rather than later.
By cockney steve
Wow! that's some bunch of spaghetti hanging down. There are numbering and lettering ID sleeves avail, but , of course, this relies on the wireman logging them....never mind, the punter pays and they're all stinking rich. :twisted:

Seriously, I don't think there is any colour-coding system that would do the job. Even in the Automotive world,harnesses have multiple duplicate codes,but at least they can be used to narrow-down the search.
AIUI, Kapton has been found to degrade and crumble.that strikes me as potentially more risky than PVC or silicone.
The other issue that strikes me, is how thin the wiring is! Yes, I know weight is an issue, but ,unless the currents are very small, heating will be an issue.

Perhaps a professional can enlighten us?

I do know an industrial-machinery manufacturer who deliberately left his harnesses case of damage or a disconnect, the customer was forced to call on him for repairs as ha retained the diagrams that showed what connected to where!
not very ethical, but a good earner.
By morticiaskeeper
I once borrowed a pa amp from an ageing rock star. There were no markings on the front panel, so I removed the lid, hoping to trace coloured wires to pcb's .

All the wires were black, the owner was colour blind! This was also a problem when he was getting dressed in a hotel for a friends wedding. Top hat and tails with a lilac shirt!