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We PPRed for customs at Caen yesterday afternoon on route to Lee. Not an official to be seen.
DavidC wrote:I've updated a graphic map showing the current 73 French Air ports of entry, some with indication of PPR/PNR required. Check directly with your destination in case of change of requirements. ... 0f487f1d9b


Your chart shows Cherbourg as requiring PNR for weekends. This is at odds with the AIP and my experience. Has something changed recently, and if so, where is it documented?
If you (or anyone else) would care to provide a list of airspace classes for each of those 73 airports, I'd be happy to upload that into the chart. It's quite time intensive to work through the AIP to extract that data.

But would I be correct in saying that as long as you have radio, and can receive authorisation before entering Class D, then this wouldn't make such a difference? Presumably you still have to make radio contact before entering the ATZ regardless.
Lefty wrote:This looks like an increase from the number issued in June. There are now 73 airport of entry compared to C40 in the last publication.

All of the favourites are still there !

Where did you get that from? There were 86 customs airfields in the previous list and they have reduced that number by 13, just as predicted in the OP.
Thanks. I just phoned them, and a nice French lady said they have IT problems at the moment, but could still accept PPR by email which she could pass on to the customs officers.
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Went to Cherbourg today (Fabulous flying day).
No notice to the Cherbourgian Douanes as advised by Luc.
No customs in attendance when we arrived. We had lunch.
During lunch some Douaniers turned up (maybe because an N registered A/C arrived - I don't know) . They went onto the apron, looked around, made a few entries or receivings on their mobiles/iPad etc. and then bu$$ered off. We munched on, undisturbed.
After mopping up all the gravy our plates we left . A complete nonevent.

On leaving., we did have an unusual encounter with two French youngster (a couple?).
They were very polite, had rucksacks, told us they didn't have any money and very gently commented that it, "It would be very exciting and glorious", if we could take them over to England in our aeroplanes. We used the excuse that all our aeros were full up (as they were!) and left. I didn't go into the GAR aspect with them.
I once did take a bloke, many years ago, from Cherbourg to Guernsey, He was joining a yacht there, he said. Being a kind hearted chap, I relented and took him. Boy oh Boy! On arrival, the Guernsey boys in blue give the chap a hard time - They were looking for drugs in his various apertures! It was then that I realised my stupidity. Never again.
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Grumpy One wrote:They were looking for drugs in his various apertures! It was then that I realised my stupidity. Never again.

Does that mean that you will be doing the search in future and not leaving it to the "boys in blue"? :roll: :oops: :lol: :bounce:
My Mum told me about blokes like you!
Pilots will decide whether PPR is required or not, but should take that decision knowing that the airfield website shows 'Customs PPR 24 hours' and a question put to the Cherbourg Douanes confirmed that requirement:

Date: 27 January 2017 at 09:51:18 GMT
To: Donald Walker <patowalker>
Subject: Re: Douanes - Aéroport de Cherbourg Maupertus


Le service intervient sur l'aéroport de Cherbourg-Maupertus sur préavis 24 heures avant l'arrivée ou le départ des vols extra-Schengen ou pour toute demande particulière nécessitant la présence de la Douane.
Les préavis de vols extra-Schengen sont à communiquer à l'adresse suivante :



De: "Donald Walker" <patowalker>
Envoyé: Mardi 24 Janvier 2017 16:59:36
Objet: Douanes - Aéroport de Cherbourg Maupertus


Si j'ai bien compris, le service des douanes est disponible sans préavis pendant les heures d'ouverture de l'aéroport.

Est-ce correct?

Merci d'avance.