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Jodelman wrote:Anyway, who wants to go to Le Touquet - it's expensive and has a runway with a seemingly permanent howling crosswind.

Great destination for GA where many of us have cut our teeth on Channel crossing.

Never realised it was expensive but think I would have if it was.

As for the crosswind, it's never spoils my trips.

Great place :thumright:
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By French airport standards it's expensive, but the team are unfailingly helpful ,there's bike hire, a shop selling all sorts including wine and fish soup! There's customs, a great restaurant on the field, a nice seaside town with lots to see, do and eat and of course there's a fair bit of local history too. It's a great little destination unless your only reason to visit is to clear customs, and then cheaper alternatives can be found.
Yes it is a bit expensive by General French standards, but Le Touquet are always very helpful to the Brits p.

I took a group there in the middle of August when both taxi drivers went away at the same time. One of the airport staff took it upon himself to drive us into town and back to the airport at the end of our day. We were 8 people so he had to do double trips.
malcolmfrost wrote:This might well be part of increased security measures in France, perhaps trying to concentrate their assets. There is a NOTAM out reminding airlines of fines for inadmissable passengers.

In the past, there were no customs/immigration checks in france intra-shengen. The increased security concerns of the last year led to that NOTAM and has resulted in ALL flight now being checked, which obviously means more staff required to do those checks. In my local airport at Bordeaux there is now always 2-4 guys checking ALL inbound and an additional 2-4 guys checking ALL outbound flights where in the past there would have been not a soul around save a couple of guys for outside shengen flights in/out....These guys have to come from somewhere and no doubt is the reason the French are looking at if they need to provide a customs/immigration service at smaller airports not served by commercial flights.

Regards, SD..