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flybymike wrote:It’s actually the Mali Rose!

And it's not done a days work in the last year or so since they bought it (although it's been involved in a few accidents in that time). Still undergoing a refit that will cost millions and is still inadequate for the job.
GRY MARITHA is still plodding on!
I made a number of visits to the Scillies 40 years ago, taking the night sleeper to Penzance and having time for breakfast before getting the first helicopter to St. Mary's. The only problem was when it was foggy.

I also remember a number of cars in the heliport car park being damaged after a grass fire got out of control. Another reason to let the train take the strain !
£1.8M from EU for heliport. I wonder if this will be one of the last infrastructure projects in UK to get EU money .. :wink: ... of-scilly/

[without, of course, wanting to intrude on the theme of another thread :? ]