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Many, many times in the old days :-)

As said, it's a VFR corridor. Competent use of a GPS should keep you on track through the corridor (supporting aid at all times of course to good old fashioned pilotage and map reading).

Handy hint... try to fly along it at an "odd" height rather than just on or below the ceiling to minimise collision risk. And when I used to use it a lot the eastern margin of the strip tended to be heavier with traffic because many pilots were running in and out of Barton, so routed up that side (e.g. going S to N, turning just past the Thelwall Viaduct).
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By seanjd
GolfHotel wrote:Never been through without one. But it's not a TMZ is it? I haven't checked but don't remember it being one.

It's class D from surface to 1300ft through the corridor :!:
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By Irv Lee
The pictorial guide to the corridor disappeared when the caa revamped their web site, I am trying to find a copy, I know I have one. In the meantime, if you go to the links page the Barton provided A5 two sider with pictures of what you see is there. (I would ignore the snippet of chart on it, use a current chart). I imagine there is a copy on the Barton web site too.
I have asked for Liverpool crossings in the past, the only time using it was with Paul S to hold my hand.
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By seanjd
Being Blackpool based, I have been down & up the 'corridor' a few times, but always in transponder equipped aircraft.
I will soon be doing this in a non transponder equipped aircraft, and wondered if anyone had ever been refused, hence the question.
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By neil9327
I flew up it last summer with no transponder and no radio calls, but listening to Manchester.
On the way back down I made a radio call to Liverpool, and they gave me a transit through their class D, down Liverpool waterfront, also without a transponder.
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As pointed out by Irv Lee there is no requirement to speak to anybody or indeed squawk but worth keeping a listening watch on Manchester's frequency and squawk 7366 if equipped.

I used to regularly transit the LLR without a transponder and have had no problems. I always found that speaking to Liverpool was useful as they are anyhow under the stewardship of Manchester and were usually willing to oblige with a direct transit across their zone to my home airfield despite having no transponder available to me.
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By seanjd
Miscellaneous wrote:Oh, is she on the verge of coming home at long last. :D :thumleft:

:thumright: Yes. Next weekend if paperwork come back in time and weather allows :)
I (incorrectly it appears) read it as class D, so was anticipating having to call MCR for zone entry :!:
So I can merrily go through the 'corridor' at will 8)
I would keep a listen on MCR App and set QNH to MCR anyway.

Anyone know why the top is set at 1300ft :?: Could it not be set higher and still be safe for CAT :?:
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By Dave W
seanjd wrote:I (incorrectly it appears) read it as class D, so was anticipating having to call MCR for zone entry :!:

It is Class D, but it's a special case (hence TDM's 10:21 comment).

Entry into the LLR not above 1300' Machester QNH (so you must set that) is OK without speaking to them, but the different minima apply than in Class G.

See para 7 of the EGCC AIP entry.

Also, don't expect traffic separation.
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