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By Martin Le Poidevin
As you know, we've had a huge problem with our server over the past few weeks.

Despite extensive attempts at repairing the system, we've so far failed to extract some of the old forum threads, including - we're sad to say - the whole of the GA Discussion forum.

So we're starting again from scratch.

If we do manage to recover the information, we'll probably whack it up as web pages. We'll let you know about progress.

Have fun, and enjoy.

Martin Le Poidevin
By Phil W
Well done!!!!
You must have been pulling your hair out on this one. It would be the GA discussion that's unretrievable.......typical!!
The forum has been missed, in spite of the reasonable flying weather we have had.
By Jane
Like your new format Martin, so we can see all points on a thread together.
By poetpilot
Well done Martin. I met Nick this pm at Wadswick strip (Bath), great to put a face to the name. He told me the Phorum was coming up so I just had to dive into work and get the www up to try it.
By Kevin Swain
This is new format is great- it's an ill wind and all that !!
By Pilot Pete
Missed you guys. Glad your back, and that even includes some of you pilots too.
Felt like I'd had me phone cut off. I'd come home dial up a connection- no one to talk to, so hang up again and have
Anyone have the phone no. for AA.
By bob
Glad to see everyone again. Maybe I'll make the odd sensible contribution eventually.
By Rupert S
Nice to be back. Have to say, i abandoned FLYER for pprune while the server was down.
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