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By Hairyplane
A long shot.
My gorgeous 1968 Arrow ( usually referred to as the Arrow 1) is missing a yoke badge. Its the early one with a central 'P' on a red background and twin silver borders. I can't seem to find one anywhere.
Does anybody know where there might be a wrecked early Cherokee, any series, on a fire practice dump etc that has this badge?
A ride in the aircraft at Leicester assured!
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By PeteSpencer
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'Cherokee Arrow,' no such thing as an Arrow 1: they didn't back-number the catalogue like the Concorde.

Ours is 1969. :wink:

Can't help with badge, sorry. :(

Have you tried the Piper Owners Society (US)

They've helped me in the past on elderly Arrer stuff.:

You can access back numbers of mags (and therefore adverts) f.o.c. but you'll have to join ($$) to ask questions/participate in the forum.

Good Luck
Try " cherokee chat" website. It"s based in the US OF A. Lots of useful/interesting stuff on it.
Similar to flyer forum.
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By BoeingBoy
There are several useful Facebook forums for PA28 owners along with some aircraft component sites. All are useful resources when searching for parts. I've managed to sell various bits of my Archer that were surplus to needs.

Outside of that I'd try Paul Nalson as well.
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By GrahamB
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Do these badges lend themselves to being replicated with 3D printing?

(Getting the original long skinny badges that go in the centre of the yoke pad on a Grumman is now impossible, but there’s a chap in the US who 3D prints batches of them from time to time).
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