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Wikipedia tells me that over 750 F35s have been built now, presumably most of them are already in service, and the first aircraft to enter service was with the USMC in 2015.

Wikipedia lists rather more accidents than just these two, but not a silly number for a new military aircraft, especially if it's going to be operated from ships. The nature of military flying does mean you'll get an attrition rate.

That both these recent accidents were on deck operations, doesn't surprise me either - it's the most hazardous thing you do routinely with a navalised aircraft. It also suggests that this is an area the various navies should be looking hard at right now for safety.

It's a thing !

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The first Scimitar to land on a carrier went overboard (taking the pilot down with it) when the arrestor wire snapped. The Vulcan too, killed very many men during development and in service.