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I don't know the process for getting / selecting the free landing vouchers in Flyer, but I noticed that all five of them in the January edition are for airfields that have grass runways and some are rather short. That pretty much rules them out for our aircraft. Hard runways are generally the rule for us in the winter months.

I'm sure that some of these airfields would be great to visit in the summer months, when they would be more do-able.

Is there any way that this could be taken into account? We can't be the only ones that struggle with short, grass runways in winter. Or is it just a matter of which airfields (very generously) offer free landings at the time?
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By PeteSpencer
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JAFO wrote:It never ceases to amaze me that someone flying a light aircraft would have the temerity to even consider using a voucher for between £5 and £10 at an airfield which is, after all, already providing quite a lot in exchange for a tiny contribution to costs.

I use the monthly voucher nominations as a 'where shall I go next?' prompt.
I usually pay the fee when I get there unless its a freebie by virtue of fuel uplift.................... :wink:
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By Peter Gristwood
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Only used a few of the free landings, and only when the fee is unusually high.

There was one a few years back for Exeter, when the magazine (not this one) cost about 10% of the normal amount. It would be good if Biggin Hill, Bournemouth or Shoreham gave us a reduced landing once in a while.
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By PeteSpencer
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Well if you want to stretch your winter wings to an all year round 815 metre grass strip in E Anglia with no landing fees (but donations for tractor diesel accepted :lol: ), just give me the nod for a briefing/PPR.

Zippo facilities but two nice pubs within ten mins walk for lunch. :thumleft:

Perhaps somewhere like Bournemouth could do a fly-in before the international holiday season kicks off? Hard runway should be long enough for GA types :wink:
Plenty of things to do in the local area once the days get more hours of daylight.
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By TheFarmer
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To the OP,

When you opened your Christmas presents a few weeks ago, did you analyse their usefulness and report back to the person who kindly gave them to you (free) with your assessment of their gift choice?

As a more constructive solution, might I suggest you ditch your training wheel, go and buy a Cub, and fly all year round? 8)
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Peter Gristwood wrote:I went into Bournemouth to a GA event a few years back with a £5 landing fee. It was a great day and well-attended, but I got the impression the ATCOs are still suffering PTSD as a result.... :wink:

Can't blame me for that one, I was on a Mediterranean island so missed it :lol:
By Nick
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TheFarmer wrote:To the OP,
As a more constructive solution, might I suggest you ditch your training wheel, go and buy a Cub, and fly all year round? 8)

Oi, You leave my training wheel alone. It didn't dig into my strip anything like that plough on the back of yours! :lol: :lol: