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By letpmar
Now it’s Lateral flow test only on return I hope to try for Le Touquet if Lille the weekend 29/30/31 Oct if anyone fancy’s joining in.
On a covid note, has anyone been to France recently. I have looked at the passenger locator forms both ways and they seem set up for commercial flights. Is there a way to put in private flights and Firs Farm in the paperwork.

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By skydriller
There is no PLF to France. Assuming you are double vaccinated - bring a paper copy of it or your electronic copy - at worst there is a declaration to sign, but I have never been asked by anyone to see it, ever.

Scroll down past the map, note the UK is "orange" and so click the center option, download the "declaration", fill it in and sign it.

Regards, SD..
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By Dave W
In the "Where will you arrive in the UK?" field of the PLF, start typing "General Aviation Airfield" and you'll see autocomplete options for "(England)", "(Scotland)", "(Wales)" or "(Northern Ireland)"

It's not at all obvious unless you know!

I didn't until 'Steve' (thank you) let us know in the comments to the "Going Foreign - the Basics" webinar I did for the Flyer Club last month.

Ian has now released that video for all to see. Thanks, Mr S:

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By Flintstone
letpmar wrote:Thanks
Does anyone know what to put in the return PLF


For the airline/operator there is an option to select 'Not listed here' or similar, you can then type in something to the effect that you're a private flight.

For flight number I always put aircraft reg.

For seat number I resist the urge to be a smart@rse and leave it blank.

My destination is always Farnborough so that's easy. For your flight I bow to Dave's superior nollige.
By Remosflyer
We flew to La Rochelle / Biarritz / Ile de Yeu / Dinard last week.

The French weren't interested in the 'Declaration d'honneur', but every hotel or restaurant required us to present our NHS Covid vaccination proof which they scanned using an ipad. It didn't work from our phones but luckily we had the .pdf paper copies of both jabs, these always worked ok.

The UK paperwork is tedious but not a problem.

We used Dante Labs for the day 2 tests and can recommend them.
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By Boswell
Before using any of the Covid Labs for your Lateral Flow or PCR, I would highly recommend using TrustPilot to get some idea of how they perform. We used Dante Labs earlier this year, and I'd give them minus-Zero; see here: for other reviews.

We used RandoxHealth yesterday for a Lateral Flow back from France, and got an immediate email with the vital booking reference. The important factor is to get that booking reference; whether they send you a test or not for Day 2 will then be their problem.
By Big Dex
I went to Le Touquet last weekend; I issues at all. Customs was manned on the French side, and provided us with the Declaration d’honneur to sign. Flew directly from Le Touquet back to cheshire with the usual GAR and a PLF, but there was no Border Force reception.

I suggest downloading the French Anti-Covid app and scanning in your U.K. vaccination QR code, as hotels/bars etc all scan it.
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By Boswell
Did you actually receive a test-kit? It seems to be a feature of the low-end outfits that you get a Booking Reference and no hardware. One day the scam will be busted. £12 would hardly cover the postage/admin.

Is PLF a place?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
When we braved a trip to the UK last month the cost for 2 PCR tests was 170 quid, the result of the day 2 test came 4 days later.

Luckily enough we had brought LFTs and so knew we were apart from double vaccinated also negative before we joined the wedding.

I am not surprised to read the other day a not yet accredited outfit was approved to process tests but managed not to process 40k tests or reading here that commonly no kit appears after accepting payment.

AFAIK there is no other country in Western Europe which requires pre-traveling tests and arrival tests.

Let's face it, in the UK you are more likely to get infected from a fellow UK-er than from almost any foreigner arriving from abroad. Clearly following the science.
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By Flying_john

PLF = Passenger Locator Form
PCR = Polymerase Chain Reaction
LF (LFT) = Lateral flow
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
Quid - A Pound £

As far as getting a test kit - who cares - as long as you get an acceptable reference number, got dozens of NHS ones as they almost force them on you on visits to the Pharmacy.
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By GrahamB
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:AFAIK there is no other country in Western Europe which requires pre-traveling tests and arrival tests.

Whilst I agree with sentiment, the UK no longer requires pre-travel tests.