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By Dave W
TheKentishFledgling wrote:It may be folklore, but I'd always understood that Concorde had to slow to low supersonic speeds to allow the Tornado crew to catch it to take the pic, and that they could only hang around for a couple of minutes, after which that had to RTB while Concorde made its way serenely across the Atlantic :D

That is true, but it spoils my banter! :D :D

Photo was taken at M=1.5 ish due Tornado performance (and fuel burn!) Once the shot had been achieved the boring old airliner pulled away to M=2.0 and headed for Noo Yoik.
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By Lockhaven
Dave W wrote:
Lockhaven wrote:Just as well it wasn't Concorde as our Tonka's couldn't catch it :lol:

This is the only known photo of a Concorde flying supersonic.

The photo was taken from a Tornado. :D

They did trials over the North Sea using Concorde for inception techniques and the Tonka definitely could not catch it at the higher mach numbers, that picture would have been taken at a lower supersonic mach number.
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By Trent772
My Bro handled some of those at Border Radar.

Concorde would simulate a Backfire or similar coming Darn Sarf from Ooop Narth.

In the day.... around 1980, it wasn't the Fin that entertained the Concorde, but the Lightning.

They had several intercept solutions, usually by female Scopies using their 'intuition' to launch as they thought something was coming.....

It's twooooooo