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I'm trying to persuade a club to update the ancient database in a GNS430 (not W) aeroplane I occasionally fly.

As I understand it, you can buy databases from either Garmin or Jeppesen. I can't seem however to find pricing for either, for a northern Europe database, without actually registering the device in my name.

Can anybody advice on preferred routes and costs?

You can buy a one-off NavDatabase from Jeppesen,for about 45€ (don't quote me on that -we have the annual monthly database sub (c.342€)for our 430W but you still need the 'Skybound' gizmo (90€ IIRC).

It helps to have two cards (78€) if you either don't have internet at the aeroplane or don't want to cart your laptop (preloaded at home with update) out to aeroplane.

NOTE 430 and 430W cards and 'Skybound' gizmos are not the same and not interchangeable: take care if buying secondhand from ebay)

Unless you've got the wrong basemap /terrain, don't bother with this: In E Anglia the mountains don't move much.

All this is massively facilitated by having a Jeppesen Account.
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There is a discount from Jeppesen for AOPA members, we use it for our subs to support the GTN.
As others have said it's not really worth updating the basemap or terrain databases nor the obstacle or safetaxi in most cases.

Navdata needs to be up to date for IFR flying though.
I've just sold my two cards after changing my 430W to Avidyne so sorry not to be able to help.

The database is purchasable from Jeppesen but it's a regal pain. I have never dealt with a less customer orientated company. All dealings are done through their Frankfurt office and due to Covid restrictions most things are happening very slowly and usually with some language issues.

The cost of both Jepp. and Garmin cards and readers is extortionate for the memory and technology they provide. The whole thing was a rip off that is now outdated by the modern SD card used in later sets.

This years nav data base subscription for Europe was Eur391.20. You select it online and then pay when Frankfurt send you an invoice. You then download a PC distribution program that feeds it onto the proprietary card. If you're purchasing one second hand then note that for non WAAS sets you need a white labelled card, not the orange ones.

To be honest, unless you intend to operate IFR the cost and hassle isn't worth it. Speak to your nearest radio engineer and promise him some Queens Drinking Vouchers and a night with your Sister. Most of them can manage to let you have an updated card that you can swap for the one already in the set ( I used to pay mine £100 per update).

..... Oh, I forgot to say. I don't have a Sister! :lol:
johnm wrote:...
Navdata needs to be up to date for IFR flying though.

I might be wrong as no longer fly IFR, but I thought Navdata and Obstacles needs to be up to date for instrument approaches?

Jepp price the elements separately then do a "bundle" to encourage Navdata, Obstacles and Terrain as a single subscription, although the terrain database for Europe has not changed since 2015.
Terrain on the G1000 was updated in 2020 - so it does happen sometimes.
Navdata must be up-to-date for IFR use (although it's perfectly legal to fly IFR with bits of paper and steam gauges) but older units don't take obstacles - I may be wrong but I think that's for TAWS.
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By johnm
Flyingfemme wrote:but older units don't take obstacles - I may be wrong but I think that's for TAWS.
I agree and we use other kit for that which isn't certified but is a lot cheaper!