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PeteSpencer wrote:Just clocked that my intended destination for Sunday lunch, Turweston, is of course buried in the middle of the Silverstone brouhaha.
Looks like Sandown again then, unless any one has any other suggestions.
Try Turweston, they're expecting to be quiet, no spectators at Silverstone, sod all media and nearly all teams local
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CharlieMcK wrote:Can anybody recommend the Fenton Feeder at Leeds East, seems to be one of the lesser talked about airport cafés. Looking to fly in there in the coming weeks for coffee and cake
Didn't have time to try it, the sign says open for takeaway and it's just a portacabin, but at least 2 decent pubs in the village a short walk. And I can recommend the radio, hangars, welcome and runways. Free landing with fuel. When the FBO is finished there'll be a VIP option.
Oh, and they have Buckingham Palace in one of the hangars.
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Iceman wrote:Well spotted @Miscellaneous, where were you and @PeteSpencer, the burgers, hot dog and cake were fab at the Perth BBQ :D.

My first time here. Great little airfield.

Iceman 8)

Family stuff: :roll:
A/C not booked till Sunday!