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There is still no definitive news as to when Carlisle will open to GA. Many of us locals have departed elsewhere and given the total lack of any credible explanation for the prolonged closure of the airfield, it will be an uphill struggle to persuade many to return.
Rob P wrote:Am I alone in picturing Café Stobart as being full of hairy-arsed truckers?


I am not familiar with the hirsuteness of any truckers' gluteal regions :roll: .. but I thought Stobart company policy was to have high sartorial standards for their truckers, and cleanliness for their trucks :thumright:
In my previous job, I had the opportunity to visit Carlisle and look at the huge amount of investment that was being made into a regional airport. No doubt the project management, relationship with based owners, the premature start of scheduled services etc. will all be debated to death here and in other places.

Please don't lose sight of the fact that a very large investment has been made into an aerodrome in an extremely attractive part of the country and those facilities are available to GA at a reasonable cost. I think this is something to celebrate for GA and wish the airport operators well in achieving a return on their significant investment.
Dave W wrote:Although so is Kirkbride, only 14nm West with a 1280m hard runway and fuel the same price, landing fee waived if fuel bought. Not much in it for VFR traffic.

Which, for now at least, is the only traffic Carlisle can accept.