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By Iron Chicken
That has got to be an absolute hoot.

Who would have thought that SSDRs could be developed to look so good. It gives me the impression that there could be a lot more fantastic stuff coming out of garages and backrooms over the next few years.

Interesting take on the rules on registration letters!
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By MichaelP
He said “one sixtieth of the size of a real Hurricane”.
That’s small... Could be a mid size Airfix kit, not 1/72 not 1/48 scale but inbetween.
Looked a lot bigger in the video....

Made me look the field up...
A lot better than the field I flew from on the Isle of Grain.
That field was next to one where the farmer had a Stitts Playboy on his strip.
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What a great project.

I thought a quick trip to GINFO may disclose the engine type but engine = 1! Not wrong, I guess.

Challenging looking strip for a first flight. Maybe you could always go straight ahead and under ;-)

Many congratulations to the builder.
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By Flying_john
"Stoke under Pylon" - ideally located for Electric Flight.

But serously its not bad at Stoke have been in there with the Gardan Horizon and apart from the bananary shape at the end there are no real problems - except maybe when there is a storm surge and a high tide. :D
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By Rob P
That's a very loose interpretation of the word 'scale'

Looks fun even so.

Rob P
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By gaznav
Love it! From the rear it looks pretty good (screenshots taken from the video links above):



But I think the front cowling and the fuselage depth could be reduced a bit in proportion:



The addition of a spinner on the front, a couple of roundels and a canopy would finish her off really nicely.

Well done! :thumleft: :thumleft: :thumleft: