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By flywrite
I've challenged myself with visiting more airfields this year, and always get inspired by the trip reports posted here. So I thought I'd poll everyone on here to have their input. Which are the UK's best airfields in the following categories:

1. Overall
2. Cafe/Food
3. Local scenery

It can include full on airports if their GA welcome and facilities are good.

And don't just vote for your home airfield out of loyalty!
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By joe-fbs
Surely Glenforsa. If there is a heaven for pilots that must be it.

Looking at the list in the front of my logbook, everywhere I have landed (80 of them) has something going for it. Can I push Turweston and Sandtoft just for being welcoming places with decent cafes.
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By Rob P
1) Old Warden
2) Turweston
3) Perranporth

Rob P
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By davef77
Gonna break the rules...

1. White Waltham
2. Compton Abbas
3. Compton Abbas

Waltham is my home base, sorry, but it is my favorite airfield overall.

I think that the club atmosphere is something special.

It is hard to beat sitting outside in the sun, after flying with a pint or glass of wine watching, frequently fascinating, aeroplanes flying in front of you.

I put up with an hours drive each way, past the gates to a couple of other airfields, to keep my aeroplane there!

I would also shout out for Sleap, Fenland, Connington and Breighton for a warm welcome.

(There is a bit of a theme here, all, except Waltham, are aerobatic competition venues 8) )
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By PeteSpencer
I'm surprised the gleaming Turweston hasn't been mentioned yet:

Fab view from the tower, massive balcony to survey the airfield while scoffing seriously good food.

Its just taken over from Leicester as my " where -to fly-someone-who-has-never-flown-before-within-one-hour-of-our-airstrip" destination.

Even has a lift to tower and caff,er, restaurant. :wink:

And from the practical point of view, tons of easy parking, fuel within a minute or two of requesting, and great guys in the tower.

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By Groundspeed
Old Warden
1) Very welcoming and you never know what you may be in circuit with. The Shuttleworth Collection is incredible and they are often flying some of their amazing aircraft.
2) The cafe is great for snacks or meals
3)In the midst of traditional english countryside with woods, narrow lanes , hedgerows and varigated fields

1) Great welcome from a warm friendly crowd, good facilities. If you wish to visit Cromer itself there is a taxi based almost next door to the airfield that the airfield folk will contact for you.
2) Nice little friendly cafe that is great for a snack. For full blown meals the taxi to Cromer itself will drop you off and pick you up at a given time.
3)Flights along the coastline with its offshore sandbanks and seal colonies as fun

1)Another very friendly field with good runways and facilities
2) Excellant cafe for both meals and snacks
3) The fens are a bit of an aquired taste, flat of course with miles of ruler straight drains but vast open skies. Although by the coast your fun can be restricted by a danger area and the AIAA

These are all places that I've found a delight to visit
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By Rob P
ozplane wrote:
3. Old Buckenham

Old Buckenham best for local scenery? Have I missed something? :scratch:

Rob P
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