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By Mike Charlie
Emailed our friends at Gatwick over a month ago requesting ownership change from joint to sole ownership and received

I acknowledge receipt of your email.

Due to resource issues, we are currently unable to meet our service standards in terms of response times in many cases.

This is primarily affecting the following types of transaction:

· Changes of registered ownership.
· Address changes and other Register amendments.
· Recording changes of shareholdings on syndicate owned aircraft.
· Aircraft de-registered as permanently withdrawn from use.
· Mandatory insurance compliance monitoring queries.

Transactions in these categories are currently taking up to 26 working days from receipt of all relevant documentation.

Tried ringing hopeless, same email sent today same response is this normal service?
If I ran my businesses with a similar response time I would be bust!!
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By Rob P
I've just added my co-owner and while I can't be exact I think it took over a month, delayed even more because I missed the bit about providing proof of insurance.

Rob P
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By davey
They, the CAA, took over two months to change ownership when I sold my Grumman. I wouldn't worry they tend to be slow at most things in GA.......
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By gfry
The main thing is they told you up front. When I bought the Avid they sent me a letter to say the ownership change is in progress and the same spiel you got on 26 days. I personally didn't find that level of service an issue. I will add they took the payment within a week if me sending the paperwork :)
By  aligee
2 weeks ago I received the same e -mail regarding the delay and was pleasantly surprised to receive the paperwork by e-mail 3 days later and paper copy by post 2 days later.i agree with bob I was delighted with the service